Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is my beautiful mother’s 64th birthday…

When she had me in 1989, thirteen months after my sister, my father thought she was kidding. They’d been trying to have children for a decade.

She still puts together acquisitions for her overbearing boss and is the glue that holds my fucked up family together.

I know she loves me unconditionally, and I will always be there to stain her house, help pick out paint colors, or rearrange her vast collection of art work.

Even though I can’t be with her because of my radical political beliefs, I’d like her to know I think about her 64 times a day.


    1. Heh yeah I probably shouldn’t….but basically I think I can do whatever I want and have no regard for the law…which isn’t as radical as it is sensible, but tell that to a judge…

          1. I’ve been there. As the addict and the mom. My mother passed away 4 yrs ago; we didn’t have the best relationship, and not just because I was an asshole (although, I was for most of her time on earth). She gave as good as she got and we were both to blame, but I do know she did her best with what she could. In the end, that’s all that matters. I speak from the heart and not just words you may want to hear; but a mom’s love is forever and it’s fierce. One day at a time, my friend.💕

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