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Even though the ‘Me Too’ phenomenon is still in its infancy, the movement has already ruined countless lives. Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel creative director, has finally had enough. #metoo.

Lagerfield expresses how he feels about the male modeling community, in an interview released last week by Numero. The creative director describes male models as ‘toxic’ and ‘sordid creatures’. Two profoundly accurate descriptions, but many were offended. Lagerfield also reveals that he no longer feels safe around these creatures since they have the power to ruin lives with a single accusation.

Standing with his fashionable allies, Lagerfield goes on to defend Karl Templer. The stylist was recently accused of pulling a model’s pants down without first getting their consent. I’m going to assume verbal may have been made but come on Templer, you really need to get these things in writing.

To make matters worse, an advocacy group for models was called in so they could further their sad careers. I’m going to assume all of them were too ugly to model, hence the depressing career path. Sara Ziff, the Executive Director of Model Alliance (what an original moniker Sara), accused Templer of demonstrating a pattern of abuse. According to Ziff, Templer routinely makes offensive comments regarding model’s weight and looks.

Now I’m confused. Aren’t there only three job requirements for models? Look good, be skinny, and perfect a dead-eyed stare? As always, I’m unsure as to why these people would pursue a profession based solely on looks if they can’t hold up to a little constructive criticism.

Templer’s advice to these people is predictably glib and brilliant…

“Join a nunnery, there’ll always be a place for you in the convent.”

Although, I doubt even a nunnery would accept a feminist. I can see them now, screaming how the nun habits demean women and staging a march on the Vatican.

It does warm my heart to see two friends, Lagerfield and Templer, join forces to protect themselves from the ‘Me Too’ farce that is ravaging our country.

Lagerfield went on to impart that if models don’t like how they are being treated, then they should quit their profession.

Problem solved.


Original Article in Teen Vogue


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